Runaway A Road Adventure Codec Fix Tips

Runaway A Road Adventure Codec Fix Tips

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    This user guide will help you if you missed the road Adventure codec.

    05/01/2006, 08:19

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    hello party

    From what I’ve read, it looks like the exercise was released with some pretty minor bugs that still pop up.

    Therefore, the only solution I see is a stripped-down game that starts from the beginning.

    Can anyone help my family?

    I’ve been wanting to play this game ever since I bought it and I don’t expect to be able to beat b4 if I started.

    Also are there any ways to open skip the sequence even though I have watched it so many times hoping the game will loadokay, this time I have to go



    Hello and happy new year, I have this issue where you are halfway through an intro and it freezes and resets your XP. I’ve tried fixes for almost everything else, read a lot of forums and they say the app has something to do with playing movies.

    Somehow I read that this game was released with a few specific bugs that still work fine.

    Thus, the only way to find this solution is to use a saved game that starts at the beginning of the game.

    Usually I would like to play this game since I decided to buy it and not B4, I want to take it, I will even start.

    It is also assumed there is an option besides skipping the open sequence in “Yes, I’ve seen this so many times”.

    01/05/2006, afternoon

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    I have the real original and still got stuck in the intro, I had a save after launch and still played the ending with no problems
    well… saving quite this at http://forums…ad.php?t=11010

    Below was a useful link after I posted it, have fun and give me your opinion.

    Play: Runaway (LOOK 2 HYPE-o-meter: it)
    Personal “Scoundrels”, “Overclocked”

    Sword of the Broken Zone. News on the iron topic and information on the saga with the broken course of 4 swords.
    (thank you initially from all the staff)

    An adventure video player that everyone wants to chat with. Message me on MSN


    i have innovation and i always had ice cream in the intro, i merged all the saves for the intro after i played to the end regarding problems
    Well no.. a backup copy can be found in this thread at…ad.php?t=11010

    There was a link, but I downloaded it. which is great, i give and return

    Broken blade area. News articles and details of the saga, including the story of Broken Blade 4.
    (Thanks from a personal player)

    all the adventures, who wants to discuss. Feel free to ask me


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    runaway a road adventure codec


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    runaway a road adventure codec

    yes hi guys thanks for the file with the save call it worked great and you just played the game you had some free time so played I’m probably that’s why the opening chain causes so many problems after the game plays great

    06/01/12:41 2006, afternoon

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    I’m happy to help you.

    backup file here

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    broken news and know-how über die Saga, including Broken Blade 4 of course.
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    each adventurous, order to discuss. Feel free to ping

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    I started getting this fromo pleasure. The same for me, which represents the entry in the loop. I tried it on an alternative to mine and on my this computer, everything worked fine. Gone

    I installed a newer version containing the K-Lite codec pack on a computer where it didn’t work. I went back to version 281f and it works great. Most likely the problem is only in the codec.


    Yesterday I started playing this way. The same thing happened with the routine, my introductory saved cycle. I tested it on my personal other computer and it worked fine.

    It turned out that I installed a newer version of the K-Lite codec pack on my computer, and they did not work on it. I resubmitted version 281f of the help, and it is distributed perfectly. I’m assuming this is a brand new codec issue.

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