Fixed: How To Fix Free DVD Creator Conversion Process Stopped With Error

Fixed: How To Fix Free DVD Creator Conversion Process Stopped With Error

If the free DVD Creator conversion process fails, the following guide will help you.

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    I had a dilemma while converting this file to DVD. I searched using Notepad++, did not give good results. I read in another post that someone has set up unique 4 paths that seems to work, but I have no idea what that refers to.
    Please help me.

    Thank you

    free dvd creator converting process aborted with error

    Log file:
    <19.11.2012 09:55:01

    <19.11.2012 09:55:01

    DVD video standard: NTSC
    Number of DVD titles: 3
    Size 4449/4450 dvd: (100 folders DVD
    DVD Label: %)
    output device dvd megabyte: 4-five fingers ep.10-12
    DVD Menu: Animated Menu
    Output folder: F:K DramaFive FingersFIVE FINGERS-DVD
    Delete process temporary files: Yes
    Delete working files: No
    Edit command options: No
    Postprocessing Task: Show Progress Window


    Multithreading: 1
    AVS Source Filter: A2DSource
    Filter AVS UpSize/DownSize: Lanczos4Resize/Spline64Resize
    PAL Acceleration: video: 0
    Resolution 0
    Minimum video bitrate: 2500
    Video Bitrate Level 1: 6500
    Video Profile Level 2: 4500
    Video bitrate 8500
    Maximum saving: one DVD-compatible video: 1
    AudioKey AC3: 0
    Force FFmpeg to use long audio: 1
    DVD audio format: 0
    DVD audio bitrate: 192
    Save DVD compatible audio: 1
    Sound normalization: 0
    Auto Audio Delay: 1
    DVD Audio Language (Main): EN – English
    Language DVD Audio EN (Optional): – English
    Additional DVD Language (Main): EN – English
    Language DVD Subs EN (Secondary): – subtitles english
    Font DVD: Arial Narrow 18pt (255255.0)
    Interval chapters: between 5
    Use original chapter: 1
    DVD burner: D:MATSHITA DVD-RAM UJ862ES 1.90 Burning
    DVD speed: 8x
    DVD-RW discs with auto-erase: 1
    Save log file: 1
    Show error messages: 1
    Unload ActiveMovie Library: 0
    Set blender or food processor to 1
    Save common ffdshow: settings: 1

    <19.11.2012 09:55:01
    Video: FingersFive_Fingers_10-Core dramafive.AVC files – mp4
    Information: 4420 kbps. 624×352 – 1 gift.773 29.97 – First Person Shooter (VFR) – Progressive – 1:08:07 – h 122509 frames
    Audio 1: FingersFive_Fingers_10-Kor f:k dramafive.: mp4
    info AAC LC – 48 killer bytes per second – VBR 1 – Channel 48000, Hz including 1 -:08:07 number of hours (0ms delay) – Internal
    Replacement 1: F:K DramaFive
    [MediaInfoLib – v0.7.50]

    <19.11.2012 09:55:01
    Import(“C:Programs (x86)AVStoDVDLibA2DSource.avsi”)

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    Video = A2DVideoSource(“F:K DramaFive FingersFive_Fingers_10-Kor.mp4″, CacheFolder=”C:UsersSteveAppDataLocalTemp”, FrameRate=29.97, A2DAudioSource(“F:K = vfr=true)
    Audio DramaFive FingersFive_Fingers_10-Kor.mp4″, CacheFolder=”C:UsersSteveAppDataLocalTemp”)

    Video = Video.ConvertToYV12
    Video implies Video.ConvertFPS(“ntsc_video”)
    Video = Video.Lanczos4Resize(720,480,0,0,0,-0)

    Audio = Audio.ConvertToMono

    AudioDub (video, audio)

    <19.11.2012 09:55:01
    profile: hcenc 2 pass
    Target video file size: 1323.6 MB
    HCenc-ini settings: “C:UsersSteveAppDataLocalTemp4-Five Fingers Ep.10-12_2_Title_01_Five_Fingers_10-Kor.HCenc.Ini”
    ini file hcenc:
    *INFILE C:UsersSteveAppDataLocalTemp4-Five Fingers Ep.10-12_2_Title_01_Five_Fingers_10-Kor_1.avs
    *OUTFILE C:UsersSteveVideos4-Five Fingers Ep.10-12_2_Title_01_Five_Fingers_10-Kor.m2v
    *LOGFILE C:UsersSteveAppDataLocalTemp4-Five Fingers Ep.10-12_2_Title_01_Five_Fingers_10-Kor.HCenc.log
    * MAX. SPEED 9000
    *SKIN 2716
    *Profile 16:9
    *offset 30
    * SAFETY
    *WAIT 2

    <19.11.2012 10:49:35 EXIT
    Video encoding operations file: directshowsource
    Created by Fingers c:usersstevevideos4-five Ep.10-12_2_Title_01_Five_Fingers_10-Kor.m2v (1324.2 MB)
    VIDEO OUTPUT MPEG-2 Information: Video 2733 – bytes per second killer – 720 x 480 1 – dar.778: 29.97 fps (CFR) Progressive – – (tff) 1:08:07 hours Images

    <19 - 122509.11.10:49:39 2012
    Wavi+Aften setting: “C:UsersSteveAppDataLocalTemp4-Five Fingers Ep.10-12_2_Title_01_Five_Fingers_10-Kor_1.avs” 1 . | “C:Program Files (x86)AVStoDVDAftenaften.exe” -b 192 -mat martial arts 0 -dynrng -bwfilter 8 5 – “C:UsersSteveVideos4-Five Fingers Ep .10 -12_2_Title_01_Five_Fingers_10-Cor_1.ac3”

    <19.11.2012 10:50:40
    A2DAudioSource: (DirectShowSource
    trackCreated file: C:UsersSteveVideos4-Five Fingers ep.10-12_2_Title_01_Five_Fingers_10-Kor_1.ac3 (93.6 MB)
    OUTPUT AUDIO INFO: 1 ac3 -92 kbps – CBR 1 – 48000 Hz channel 1 -6 bits per person -:08:07 hours (ms delay)

    <19 0.11.2012 10:50:43
    SRT cleanup procedure applied Fixed)
    Options (6 SubtitleCreator: lines “C:UsersSteveAppDataLocalTemp4-Five Fingers” -p4 (x86)AVStoDVDSubtitleCreator -i”c:program Sample files VTS_01_1.IFO”

    <19.11.2012 10:51:05


    Log file 10:51:05 created by AVstoDVD 2 version.4.2

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    free dvd creator converting process aborted with error

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