Fixed: How To Fix Io ​​bar Assignment Error

Fixed: How To Fix Io ​​bar Assignment Error

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    Today’s blog entry was created to help you when you receive the i o bar mapping error.


  • Dell M4700 Precision (Windows 7 Pro) will not boot if uefi and secure boot are configured

    To anyone who can help:

    I have a Dell M4700 Precision and am updating the BIOS to A05. I considered the possibility before updating Windows 8. Everything was fine Plus, the BIOS update was successful. I booted up a new BIOS factory installed on Windows Professional 10 (base OS) and it worked really well.

    However, I can’t do any BIOS queries (don’t even see POST or the Dell logo) after UEFI, nor can I enable secure boot. Before this I was in the process of upgrading to Windows Pro 8. Now I am facing an even blank screen (LCD won’t turn on) and I have nothing to fix. It’s like a dead computer.

    Help, I need it. Can I do this if I contact Dell Support for

    I am repairing?


    solved the problem! This CMOS battery has just been removed, the actual BIOS has been reset to default. I did:

    (1) Remove the battery

    (2) press the power button on the ground

    (3) remove part of the bottom plate

    (4) Turn off CMOS power (inconvenient)

    error allocating i o bar

    (5) I pressed for a while (30 s)I hit the power button to discharge the capacitors or something, that was my theory, but I doubt it was necessary

    (6) Use the problem to return to some beginning

    Need to fix Windows errors? Restoro can help

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    When I turn it on, it turns on and off for a few days or weeks before finally shutting down, after which I was able to enter the BIOS defined and all settings were restored to factory defaults. I detect Windows 7 on my computer, so I repeat the process, this time without disabling the old ROMs in the option!

    Here is a basic disassembly guide for the M6700 and M4700 precision trainers in case anyone needs it:

    I consulted with Dell support about the problem and then the guy says he will contact his manager and see if anything needs to be done at any time and I guess we’ll see if anything happens .

    I hope this works for you!


  • Pro

  • acrobat XI Version La Test Board Wi-Fi Error (100)

    I’ll try itYou download the experimental version of Acrobat Pro xi, but you will still receive an error message (100). My networks connect well. I don’t know what’s the problem.

    Please visit where this topic has also been discussed.

  • My computer says my main move 1 not found, secondary disk found nothing. also does not assign I/O lanes for PCI device errors.


    we had a power outage 2 weeks ago my hard drive burned out. My neighbor put me a new CD, at this time my computer says main drive not 1 found, drive 0 not found and drive not 1 found. I don’t know how to solve this problem. Could you help?

    me Kamikannon,


    hello online wired with a link like this combo question to see if it helps.

  • Error “Fingerprint reader not connected. Connect this specific reader” on Dell Vostro Windows 5470 8.Pro


    I have 1 Dell Vostro 5470 laptop installed with Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit.

    I installed the Fingerprints driver and digitalpersona update 6.2 in perfect order, still different – all drives are visible in Device Manager but NOT visible when actually logging into Windows from Fingerprints, maybe DigitalPersona.Wanted

    I have tried various professional services (including fingerprint scanner drivers, etc.). No

    error allocating i o bar

    Still random luck. And it seems to be a problem with the Dell sensor driver (the latest driver is 2013, and there are undoubtedly unresolved threads on the Internet about this).


    Yes, we have found a solution! 🙂

    Actually, the “problem” must be related to Windows Active Directory Group Policy, ms. Biometrics identifiers, as well as devices, could not be grouped by policy.

    If your computer is a member of this field, try this or an equivalent solution:

  • SE “Error-88705 occurred during self test” on PCI-6520 after adapting e-bike to PC

    Use the PCI-6520 business card for industrialPrivate PC with Embedded windows Standard (64-bit). The card works well in normal use, but if the computer is eventually turned off and back on (instead of closing Windows from the start menu), the card will not communicate, allowing the machine to boot. Trying to run a MAX self test special I get the error “Error-88705, MAX self test has occurred. The card remains unusable until I restart the PC in the settings


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