Troubleshooting Error 1046 The Easiest Way

Troubleshooting Error 1046 The Easiest Way

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    In this user guide, we will identify some of the possible causes that can cause error 1046 and then I will share some possible solutions that you can try to solve this problem.

    Error 1046 often occurs when we make sure to create a table but forget to select From database.Today we say we started MySQL like below −

    After entering the correct password, all of the above windows will open. Now generate a table withoutSelect any database. This does not indicate an error ˆ’

    mysql> CREATE table TblUni-> (-> integer identifier,-> Varchar(100)-> name Select );

    Well, any database will get rid of the previous mistake. First, let’s check howDatabases are available in MySQL using the SHOW −


    mysql> SHOW databases;
    +--------------------+| data base |+--------------------+| Shop || hello || Information scheme || my company || mysql · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·    · · · · · ·| Performance system || small sample       || system || Research |+--------------------+Fits 9 lines (0.00 sec)

    Now we can select a collection. I guess I usually use a So business database, weYou can use the “use” command.companies

    mysql>;The database I changed

    After using the database, I can actually create the above table, but I don’t get an error.

    1046 error

    mysql>Create tbluni table-> (-> full name,-> Varchar(100)-> name);Query OK, affected (0.50 sec 0 series.)

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    Bobcares is concerned here that we’ve run into several different SQL-related issues in our server management services framework for web hosts and online service providers.

    Today we will look at the cause of this error and how to fix it.

    What Causes SQL Error 1046

    How do I fix error 1046 in MySQL?

    create an additional database.Use it to use.Try again.

    How do I fix error 1046 in phpMyAdmin?

    3 answers. The error is due to the fact that one of the two non-left has selected a database to import and/or the clients have not created empty databases first. In phpMyAdmin, create a database called “phplogin”, select this tool in the left run and import from the case of it.

    This error usually occurs when creating tables or when restoring tables from a backup copy.


    For example, let’s just say we’ve created your own database and it’s almost perfect.We left a password.
    Now, if we forget to mention the database name when creating the patio table, we’ll skip this error message.

    This is because sql doesn’t care what database we’re going to use.

    How We Fix SQL Corruption 1046

    Now let’s look at some common solutions from our support engineers.

    1. Recently, one of our clients viewed us with the same information about the table creation error.

    We got a Replicated error and what we saw is that the client did not select this database to create the table.

    So today we suggest you run the following command to select your databases.

    USE database_name;

    If there is no database at all, we ask clients to create one with the following command


    CREATE DATABASE database_name;

    After the assignment, we offered the client to make tables. Finally he was allowed to create it without further errors.

    2.Alternatively, we also provide the following select, which will store the order in the database.


    mysql .-u .example_user .-y .–database=work .< ../work.sql

    1046 error

    3. In the first set of personal situations, we import the PhpMyAdmin database when the client does have a database file for both. Here are the steps we both follow to get it done.

    • First, our team gets access to phpMyAdmin. Then view the database created by the patient from the list of databases on the left side of the page.
    • here
    • most people click the "Import Sold" button on the top bar.

    • Then click the button next to " Browse" "Person's SQL File Location".
    • Here we are browsing the local SQL file and saving it. After that, we select the "SQL" type.
    • Lastly, we always press the "Go" button and while we wait, the database will be imported.


    Note: Let's use the methods described above to import one database right after it's created.


    Do you have any other suggestions for fixing SQL? errors – we are available 24/7]


    Regarding restrictions, this error can occur if my spouse and I forgot to select a databasebefore creating tables or importing .sql data files. Today we saw a solution that can cause this SQL error.

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